Apache Flex Steering survey (by Spoon Project Team)

July 30, 2012

Apache Flex Steering survey (by Spoon Project Team)

The Apache Flex Steering Survey is being organized and executed by members of the ‘Open Spoon Foundation’ (www.spoon.as) and affiliates in support of the Apache Flex Project. The Foundation (not-for-profit foundation) setup by the Adobe community in 2011 to capture the collective experience of those individuals implementing solutions on the Flex framework and to apply that knowledge in a constructive manner through defect patching, feature contribution and addressing aspects of the framework that limit extensibility. Spoon’s has a membership of several hundred and growing (a number of who are Apache Flex committers and PMC members).

The survey is part of an effort to bring the community together, plan and organize ourselves to move forward from the recent 4.8.0-incubating release. The next 6 months will be an important stage for Apache Flex during which Adobe’s code/effort donations will be finalized and the first true ‘new’ release will be undertaken. It is also a critical time in the market to begin rebuilding interest and commitment in the technology. The chances of success at this environment will be greatly improved by a coordinated community effort towards the right objectives, which is what the steering survey is going to contribute towards.

The survey is live right now & will remain open until August 21st, the data is meant to be used by Spoon and the Apache Flex project. No commercial or personal information will be shared publically, only aggregated results for the purpose of defining objectives, features and functions as part of the roadmap planning/organizing discussion.

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